People said you need to grow up, go to school, get good grades, have a nice job, build a relationship, get married, settle down, have a couple kids, never worry and live happily.
People said it like it was easy.
People said that you'll need to grow up like your mother, marry a man like your father, dressed as nice as your sister, be friendly like your brother, get a good job like your uncle, cook as good as your grandmother, stay at home like a cute girl, but having many friends like an out-goers.
But they understand that everyone has different lives.
People said that if you're good to people, they'll treat you as nice as well.
People said that you can't be disappointing.
But they didn't tell about people can be disappointing and upsetting.
People said that it's okay to be wrong, that you'll get another chance, that tomorrow will be a nice day, and repeatedly, that they'll always be there for you.
People said today needs to better than yesterday, and that tomorrow needs to be better than today.
But they also said that life is a full circle, you can be in the top for today then in the bottom the next day.
People said they'll respect on what you believe and what you choose. As long as it's not a batshit crazy choices you made.
Oh, and as long as they like the choices too.
When you're a kid, people said you could be anything you wanted to be.
But 10 years later, it was mistaken.
Because, they said, life is real. You need to be real and think realistically and be logical.
Didn't they remember when they told us that you can dream high and you can reach it if you wanted to.
Why adults always think that whatever they told to kids, the kids wouldn't remember it 10 years later?
That the kids didn't understand what they said, and that it's NORMAL to do those all?
If being adults mean being means and morons, then I don't want to grow up.



Anonymous said...

you can be a better adult, i think
the special one, different with others

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